Criminal Defense Attorney in the Czech Republic

Representation of clients in criminal proceedings includes:


Client support: defense of the client's interests at the pre-trial and trial stages of criminal proceedings.


Accompanying the client during communication with law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and other executive authorities in the Czech Republic.


Collecting the evidence such as witness statements, expert opinions and other written evidence.


Building a defense: finding relevant case law, as well as creating different ways of interpreting legal provisions, on the basis of which a defense strategy in a criminal case can be built.


Negotiating with the prosecution at any stage of a criminal case, entering into a plea bargain and other agreements with the state.


Appeals against decisions issued during the pre-trial period, court decisions and sentencing. As well as deferment and parole requests, in the event of a guilty verdict.

In addition to the familiarity with the legal provisions and case law, which are essential attributes and qualities of any good attorney, trust between the client and his lawyer is especially important in criminal law. Criminal defense lawyer has full access to the materials and information related to the case, provides different means and mechanisms to use them and acts in fiduciary capacity on behalf of his client. That is why clients should share confidential and sensitive information exclusively with their attorney, since the attorney's duty of confidentiality guarantees their non-disclosure to third parties.

Attorneys at Kadiev & Partners:

Interact with state authorities, local government bodies and other institutions.

Have access to information that isn’t publicly accessible that could be used in the defense.

Collect the necessary information and documents that must be handed over upon the attorney’s request.

Have the right to meet clients without limitation or restriction, even when they are in custody.

Defense in criminal cases relating to economic crimes

The scale and number of economic and financial crimes, in the broadest sense of these words, are rather extensive. Starting from the petty crimes, such as small-scale legalization of funds obtained by criminal means, which people often commit due to their carelessness and negligence. And ending with standard money laundering and fraud, complex VAT evasion schemes, the so-called carousel fraud, etc. The damage caused to the state and private entities in such cases can reach hundreds of millions, or even billions of crowns. Naturally, the defense in criminal proceedings also differs depending on the type of crime, its severity and many other factors. Our services include both representing the clients who became participants in a criminal case, as well as consultations, due diligence and taking preventive measures to adapt the company's internal processes and activities to the legal requirements.

To learn all the details about criminal defense services related to financial and other types of crimes, as well as to assess the existing risks and possible consequences - fill out the contact form. We will contact you to discuss the legal complexity of your case and determine the next steps!