Litigation in the Czech Republic

Main stages:


Case review

Judicial proceedings

Court judgement

A proper legal analysis performed by an attorney allows you to objectively predict the desired verdict – a court decision – and helps you to prepare the necessary evidence to substantiate your claim. In addition, only after weighing all the pros and cons one can find and formulate truly effective and convincing arguments, as well as comprehensively prepare for the defence at the court hearings.

Are you preparing for a trial or a court hearing in the Czech Republic? Are you planning to appeal the court ruling?

We provide our clients with services such as legal analysis of their cases, the analysis of court decisions, as well as offer comprehensive support for the whole process! Kadiev & Partners Law Firm is ready to defend your interests in the Czech court, developing an effective strategy and providing all the necessary support during legal proceedings.

The preliminary analysis of judiciary conclusions is indispensable with respect to the the final outcome of the case. When appealing the case, for a higher court to undertake a review of the verdict, the lawyer must offer a completely new perspective on his client's situation, and support his arguments with legislative provisions, case law and compelling arguments. Since at this stage, time is of the essence, one must act without delay.